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`Cleese ties the knot again

`Cleese ties the knot again

Going against the advice of his former colleagues who he feared would ‘knee-cap’ him on hearing such news; Fawlty Towers star John Cleese has tied the knot and married for the fourth time.

Cleese has married Bath-based Jewellery designer Jennifer Wade aged 41 in a ceremony on the luxury Caribbean island of Mustique, The Scotsman reports.

The 72-year old actor – who signed a deal with Hello! magazine to cover the wedding - said that he “couldn’t imagine being with anyone but Jenny. And with my record, that’s a remarkable thing to say.”

Cleese was previously married to Fawlty Towers writing partner Connie Booth, who also the receptionist come all-rounder in the 70’s classic. He was also married to Barbara Trentham and Alice Faye Eichelberger, the former resulting in his recent Alimony Tour.

“The truth is, I'm a romantic,” said Cleese. “I never felt there was anything wrong with the institution of marriage,” said Cleese. “It was my ability to choose the right person.”

The Mail Online claims that his prior separations have cost him up to £15 million and this is why he now resides in the Monaco tax haven.

Cleese however was not keen on signing a pre-nuptial agreement this time either around claiming it not a romantic thing to do.

"Jen said, ‘I want a pre-nup so people know I'm not going to take you to the cleaners.' And then Jenny's lawyer said she was not properly looked after under Monaco law, where we now live. So I said, 'Fine, in that case we'll have one.’”