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Danny Brown

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Danny Brown

Danny Brown, played by actor Robin Ellis, is a character in the pilot episode A Touch of Class.

He is a member of the CID posing as an innocent member of the public. His real purpose in Torquay is to arrest the confidence trickster under the pseudonym of Lord Melbury.

He has a white sports car, speaks with a distinct Cockney accent, and is the only person capable of communicating with Manuel, for he can speak fluent Spanish. His personality is not dissimilar to that of Mr. Johnston from The Psychiatrist. When Polly tries to apologise about the circumstances which have occurred at the hotel, he merely brushes it off with the remark: I like a bit of cabaret. He takes an instant shine to Polly (which she totally blanks out), and tries to decipher a very badly misspelt menu while staying at the hotel.